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It's aqueous, so when dropping it, a tissue is wetted for water, a design comes out in a tissue, so one for about 5 seconds wipe up the picture by which the back was left in a face and a body gently, please. It's sometimes left dimly by the color, so when you scour with water and soap, etc. after that, without making a mess on the sink and the bath, it can be scoured easily. (An wet tissue and make-up drop can be lost easily by the same method.) oily paint is used so that make-up of crown (fool) etc. doesn't fall by sweat, so an exclusive cleansing is needed, but it's aqueous, so the paint we use can wash off easily by water or the restroom soap, etc..

☆ Scoured easy way☆ When it's wiped up by the tissue I soaked in water, and it's scoured with water or the restroom soap, etc., without making a mess, the sink can be dropped easily.
※ When the itches could be felt, please be scoured with a way above-mentioned immediately.

If it's paint of a small embroidered design in one spot, it's different depending on the designs, but it's drawn in 3-about 5 minutes. Even if they touch if it's after they dried perfectly, even a few khans don't fall, but it can be scoured with water easily, so please be careful about rain, water and sweat sufficiently.
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