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The face painting is different from drawing a picture in a drawing paper, and there is unevenness of a nose, an eye and the mouth, and though that's used well and the mouth is closed actually, a barking leopard and the dog which puts the tongue out charmingly can be expressed to... infinity, and is going to be able to enjoy oneself. A festival and at soccer watch can transform themselves into themselves different from usual, and are to draw the same make and logo, and the place where more events rise will be the union power of the team, and it's also charm of a face painting.
With the big charm which is a face painting whatever I say "When drawing, it's pulse-pounding! !, when looking at the mirror, I'm excited♪ because it'll be completed,♪,".

I'm going to do. The people seeing around as well as a drawing person delight everyone, and the face painting which can make everyone a smiling face is happy magic. And after doing a face painting, it'll be a picture meeting and be a storm of a flash immediately! !, everyone will be a nice model, and Japan which doesn't have everything is to change and take a picture on a special day, and it's left as a nice memory. Above all, it's also a wonderful thing to be able to meet the smiling face you can appreciate as a painter.
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