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A picture is drawn in a face and a body as a letter as a face (face) and a painting (It's drawn.), and when livening a festival, a birthday party and an event on Halloween, does. One between the child enjoys a face painting as play from daily life at foreign countries, and the whole face draws a tiger and a butterfly from the face painter which is a face painting by occupation at an amusement park and a department store in a holiday, and they seem to boast and I often lay eyes on the form that I walk.
It's the word I'm not used to asking in Japan so much, but Austria, the United Kingdom and Canadian... are fond of a face painting in many countries including the United States, and it's one of the pleasure of the children. A meet of the body painting which draws a picture in whole face painting and build at world all part is held. A work for the meet entrants easily exceeds the pleasure of the face painting, and I get high evaluation as "work".
Such as drawing a Japanese national flag in a cheek in a chance, World Cup Japanese holding is done, and it's a little, but the pleasure of the face painting is also spreading in Japan.
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