What is a face pinting? | Charm of a face painting | Used paint and safety | How to take it paint
The professional face painter which does a face painting is using only a used special face and paint of body exclusive use.
It's closer to cosmetics than the paint drawn in a drawing paper and is the paint a used stage make-up company made with a movie and a performance for face paintings, so the smell can also be scoured more easily than cosmetics well.
A professional face painter uses for more than 20 years, and we assume now that there is never trouble to a surface only using the same paint. A face painting is play to the end, so it isn't being put into effect for a weak person of skin, a scar, an injured person and the person who worries, so please be reserved. A patch test to a weak person of skin is performed by a case, but later trusts one's own judgement, so when trouble to a cartoon Ichi surface has formed, I'll make it one's own responsibility, so after accepting it, please take care.
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