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2000. I see and know a first face painting in Australia.
2001. A face painting is experienced.
2002. I work as a teacher of a kindergarten.
2005. I take private lessons from a teacher of a face painting by Australia and learn foundation and a tool of a face painting from a painter.
2006. After returning home, a face painting is begun in Japan.
2007. I win a prize by a held world congress in the United States.
2008. By the world congress held in Korea In the class of "Face Painting", about 4.
Present: I'm active to meet person's a lot of delight and an impressed smiling face through a face and body painting in Kumamoto while spreading the pleasure which draws a picture among Ms. Pregnant woman's stomach. I appear on the face held every year in the world and a meet of body painting, am always providing for level up and am doing an exchange with artists of all the countries importantly, participating in a lot of events.
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