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From ancient times, as a way to calm the heart of the mother and as a prayer for the health and easy delivery of the unborn child, henna was used to paint the stomach of pregnant women to ward off sickness and disease.
Moreover, the figureless images have a strong magical meaning but in modern times the various drawings such as the name of the child or circular objects like a smiling beach ball, watermelon and pumpkins all represent the heartfelt prayer of the parents. Belly painting contests for pregnant women are only held in foreign countries abroad and they are enjoyed all over the world.
As a women and as a mother there is no greater happiness then the feeling of experiencing the growth of the baby day by day.
Since not many people are able to capture this happiness in a photograph I recommend to people to commemorate this joyful occassion through belly painting.
It was said that in the past the belly of pregnant women should not be shown or that it was something to be embarrassed about, and as a result, many people hid there stomaches in specially designed clothes. Nowadays, maternity clothes are increasing and it seems that more and more women are proud to show that they are pregnant.
Therefore, I think that belly painting is a beautiful way for the blessed parents to commemorate this wonderful memory.
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