・ 2007 Face And Body Art International Convention in USA Winning.
・ 4th place of 2008 World Bodypainting Festival in Korea
・ 3rd place of 2009 Face And Body Art International Convention in USA
A face and a meet of body painting are held by all the countries, and it's the meet to which the design of the artists and wonderful of the idea are announced.
I split up into a special make-up section, a face section, the section which paints the whole body and student's section and was competing with artists of all the countries for beauty of the paint by the world congress held in Korea in 2008! !, I got high evaluation from an audience and other artists, but winning won't be the result to which I say one step more of about 4 of OYO BAZU, and it's regrettable.... By the way, 3 people who have won a prize are the people who come into action as a person, a salesperson and a lecturer famous for this industry so that a produce does paint for face paint by itself.
Future one was glad that you could fight as well as because oneself equaled in it had confidence a little. I'd like to exert myself so that it'll be something everyone can also enjoy in Japan, so we appreciate your continued support.

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